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  • April 10th 2014

    Tell Gov. Christie To Sign Sandy Bill of Rights

    Posted by Laura Denker

    Senate and Assembly Both Unanimously Pass Bill Calling for a Transparent and Clear Process for Applying for Recovery Programs

    Superstorm Sandy hit New Jersey in October 2012 leaving a path of destruction and devastation. With over $36 billion in damage and 72,000 homes and business destroyed, more than a quarter million New Jerseyans sought governmental assistance to help with the rebuild and recovery.

    Over a year and a half later, there is much more to do to make the recovery process work fairly and transparently for everybody. Seeing that the recovery process was far from over and still remained unclear for so many in the state, Senate President Steve Sweeney took the initiative and listened to victims and advocates including FSHC to draft the Sandy Bill of Rights. In the Assembly, Speaker Vincent Prieto and Housing and Community Development Chair Jerry Green sponsored a companion bill to address many of the issues in the Sandy process.  (more)

  • March 20th 2014

    NJ Action Plan - Public Hearing Transcripts

    Posted by Laura Denker

    On February 3, 2014 the State released a draft Action Plan for spending $1.5billion in federal funds to help with recovery from Superstorm Sandy. The State accepted public comments about the plan for 30 days and held three public hearings. Transcripts of the hearings are available here(more)

  • March 19th 2014

    DCA Extends RREM and Resettlement Appeal Deadline to March 31, 2014

    Posted by Laura Denker

    Potentially Thousands of Applicants Incorrectly Rejected Have Small Window of Opportunity to Appeal

    On February 5, 2014, Fair Share Housing Center (FSHC) released data showing that nearly 80% of applicants who appealed the state’s decision that they were ineligible for the Resettlement and RREM programs won their appeals because they were originally incorrectly denied. Many applicants never appealed the initial denial and could have been eligible for funding. FSHC was alarmed by this data and called for answers how this could have happened, a better process for reviewing applications, and more funding opportunities for applicants that were wrongly denied. (more)

  • March 14th 2014

    New Jersey Supreme Court Sets Deadline for New Rule Adoption by COAH

    Posted by Laura Denker

    Denies State Indeterminate Length of Time, But Gives More Time than Appellate Division Allowed

    In an order issued this afternoon, the New Jersey Supreme Court established a timeframe for the Council on Affordable Housing to adopt new rules to implement the Mount Laurel doctrine, setting November 17, 2014 as the date by which new rules must be in place. This order rejected the State’s request to have an open-ended period of time to adopt rules, while allowing the State more time to comply with the Supreme Court’s September 26, 2013 decision. A copy of the Court’s order is available here. (more)

  • March 12th 2014

    NJ NAACP and FSHC Joint Statement:  Welcome to Mount Laurel, Gov. Christie

    Posted by Laura Denker

    This morning, Gov. Christie will hold a town hall meeting in Mount Laurel Township. We welcome him to this place where a civil rights lawsuit led to the promise that lower-income families, people with special needs, and seniors on fixed incomes will not be excluded from wealthier suburban towns. We hope he leaves with an understanding of why his housing policies are so bad for New Jersey families struggling with our state’s high housing prices. (more)