Fair Share Housing Center


  • July 15th 2014

    Legal Filings Show Key Computer Files Missing or Destroyed on Christie Administration’s New Rules

    Posted by Adam Gordon

    Documents that Explain Numbers “Could Not Be Located”; Fair Share Housing Center Files Additional Lawsuit Over Redacted and Missing Documents

    The Christie Administration and Rutgers University claimed in filings with the New Jersey Superior Court late yesterday that key documents explaining how each municipality’s fair housing obligations are calculated “could not be located.” As such, according to the Christie Administration, there is simply no way to explain why some municipalities, in a seemingly random pattern, are now being asked to provide fewer homes affordable to lower-income families and other municipalities are being asked to provide more. The legal filings admit that documents existed that explained these numbers, but assert those documents have now been destroyed or lost. (more)

  • July 2nd 2014

    Public Outrage Dominates COAH Meeting On Proposed Housing Regulations

    Posted by Laura Denker

    Public Outrage Dominates COAH Meeting On Proposed Housing Regulations

    At the July 2, 2014, Council on Affordable Housing (COAH) public comment meeting, housing advocates, members from the business community including developers, environmentalists, representatives of municipalities, and special needs advocates packed the hearing room – expressing diverse and nearly universal opposition to the proposed regulations as undermining housing choices in New Jersey and harming the recovery from Superstorm Sandy. (more)

  • June 26th 2014

    Christie Administration and Rutgers Sued Over Refusal to Provide Records for New Housing Rules

    Posted by Laura Denker

    Christie Administration, Rutgers University Won’t Say What Rutgers Professor Was Paid State Funds to Do, How He Found That Some Towns Should Have Lower Housing Obligations

    Trenton, NJ (June 26, 2014) - In a lawsuit filed today in the Law Division of New Jersey Superior Court in Mercer County, Fair Share Housing Center is suing to get access to two critical documents on the Christie Administration’s proposed new fair housing rules that the Administration has refused to disclose. First, the lawsuit seeks a contract between the Attorney General’s office and a Rutgers professor, Robert Burchell Ph.D. related to Dr. Burchell’s work in preparing Third Round regulations proposed by the Council on Affordable Housing (COAH). The lawsuit also seeks access to a spreadsheet prepared by Dr. Burchell that the state is either hiding or has lost that eliminates 8000 homes from the statewide housing need without explaining the basis for those reductions. (more)

  • June 17th 2014

    FSHC Files Motion to Enforce Litigant’s Rights Claiming that COAH Has Violated Court Order

    Posted by Kevin Walsh

    The brief we filed seeking to enforce the NJ Supreme Court’s order directing the Council on Affordable Housing to use the Prior Round methodology is available here. 140617FSHCSupremeCourtMtnToEnforceLitRights.pdf (more)

  • June 3rd 2014

    Join the “Don’t Flip Flop” Effort; Tell Legislators to Override Sandy “Bill of Rights” Veto!

    Posted by Laura Denker

    Don’t Flip Flop on Sandy Bill of Rights!

    The Sandy Bill of Rights was passed unanimously in the New Jersey Senate and Assembly with widespread, bipartisan support but was conditionally vetoed by Governor Chris Christie. Despite voting in favor of the bill, some legislators are now flip-flopping their position. Sandy survivors deserve better!  (more)