Fair Share Housing Center


  • December 1st 2016

    FSHC calls on Supreme Court to reject towns’ attempts to exclude thousands of families

    Posted by Laura Denker

    Dear Friends and Colleagues,
    Yesterday, a coalition of leading civil rights advocates, faith and community leaders joined with us in rejecting a series of extremist arguments advanced before the New Jersey Supreme Court by towns intent on evading their fair housing obligations. (more)

  • November 28th 2016

    Supreme Court to hold gap period oral argument Wednesday

    Posted by Laura Denker

    Dear Friends and Colleagues,

    We are writing to inform you that the New Jersey Supreme Court has scheduled oral argument in the litigation over fair housing obligations from 1999-2015 for Wednesday, November 30, at 10 a.m. in the Hughes Justice Complex in Trenton.

    This proceeding represents an important next step in ensuring that tens of thousands of families finally get the opportunity of moving into homes they can afford in safe neighborhoods with access to good schools and jobs. (more)

  • November 21st 2016

    Medford Reaches Agreement on Affordable Housing Plan

    Posted by Laura Denker

    MEDFORD — The Township Council has reached an agreement with an affordable-housing advocate and several developers that should satisfy the municipality’s low-income housing requirements for most of the next decade. (more)

  • October 28th 2016

    FSHC tells Assembly Committee more work to be done to rebuild after Sandy

    Posted by Laura Denker

    Four years after Superstorm Sandy devastated New Jersey, Fair Share Housing Center Associate Director Adam Gordon told an Assembly oversight panel Thursday, alongside families still waiting to move back home and other advocates for a fair rebuilding process, that the state must finish the job of rebuilding the state and must make families impacted by the storm whole. (more)

  • October 7th 2016

    Court rejects towns’ attempts to ignore 16 years of housing need

    Posted by Laura Denker

    Dear Friend,

    In the run-up to a key New Jersey Supreme Court case, a Superior Court judge has rejected the arguments of a group of municipalities seeking to evade their constitutional obligation to provide housing opportunities to tens of thousands of working families that formed over a 16-year period when the state’s fair housing laws were not being enforced.

    Issued Wednesday afternoon, the ruling by Judge Douglas K. Wolfson in South Brunswick’s fair housing case comes after the New Jersey Supreme Court stayed an Appellate Division ruling on the so-called gap period last month, pending a review by the high court in November. This stay is allowing fair housing cases to continue in the lower courts.  (more)