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  • March 12th 2010

    Analysis of RCAs; Oral argument in League of Municipalities and EO appeals on March 16 and 22, 2010

    Posted by Kevin Walsh

    There is a lot going on. Earlier today, we released an analysis by Adam Gordon of regional contribution agreements (RCAs) that have gone unspent. At a time when the Legislature is considering reviving the failed policy of RCAs, towns are sitting on the money. We are also in the process of preparing for two important oral arguments before the Appellate Division. On Tuesday, March 16, 2010, the Appellate Division will hear our appeal of a trial court decision that found that the New Jersey League of Municipalities is not covered by the Open Public Records Act. The other oral argument we are preparing for involves a challenge to Executive Order 12, which sought to “shut down” the Council on Affordable Housing. Oral argument is scheduled for March 22, 2010 at 11 a.m. in Newark.  (more)

  • March 9th 2010

    How The New Lesniak Bill Would(n’t) Work

    Posted by Adam Gordon

    In this e-mail we review the latest version of Sen. Lesniak’s attempt to rewrite New Jersey’s housing policy — and by the latest version we mean the version released yesterday, not the version which he released last week and then, yesterday, denied having even read (comparison between the two versions available here). Sen. Lesniak yesterday at the last minute canceled a long-scheduled committee hearing on his proposed S-1 and instead held a press conference. It was supposed to start with a briefing of all of his fellow Senate Economic Growth Committee members, but only one showed up. So he moved on right to the press, making it very clear that he would take questions from the press only. He excluded the members of the public who had assembled, initially hoping to testify on the legislation given that many of them had been denied the chance to do so in Sen. Lesniak’s prior two hearings.  (more)

  • March 8th 2010

    Questions for Senator Lesniak on S-1

    Posted by Kevin Walsh

    Today, the Senate Economic Growth Committee was scheduled to vote on an amended version of S-1, Senator Ray Lesniak’s bill that would fundamentally undermine New Jersey’s affordable housing policies. On Friday afternoon, however, Senator Lesniak announced that the committee hearing would be postponed and that instead he would meet with the media at 11 a.m. As we have previously stated, the new version of S-1 is a bizarre bill that simply does not make sense, let alone meet the state’s constitutional obligations for a fair and effective system of delivering a wide range of housing choices. We had hoped, along with civil rights and religious leaders that Sen. Lesniak has not allowed to testify at his previous two hearings on the bill, to speak before the committee and have an open public dialogue. We are disappointed that Sen. Lesniak has turned a committee hearing with public testimony into a one-sided press event.  (more)

  • March 4th 2010

    The Bizarre Amendments to S-1

    Posted by Kevin Walsh

    Yesterday, we received a copy of the amended version of S-1, the legislation sponsored by Senator Ray Lesniak that is intended to reform New Jersey’s approach to affordable housing. It is a proposal that, more than anything else, is simply bizarre. The amended version of S-1 would produce virtually no affordable housing and shift homes further from jobs and transportation and would exempt many of the state’s wealthiest towns from any further housing obligation. Nor would it comply in any meaningful way with the Mount Laurel doctrine. It will be interesting to see what kind of defense, if any, Senator Lesniak can offer for his strange proposal at the Senate Economic Growth Committee hearing on March 8. (more)

  • February 26th 2010

    Inquirer on EO Stay and Our Brief in EO appeal

    Posted by Kevin Walsh

    One week ago, we received the good news that, in response to a motion we filed, the Appellate Division enjoined Governor Christie’s Executive Order “shutting down” the Council on Affordable Housing. Today, the Philadelphia Inquirer called for Governor Christie to use this opportunity to adopt a responsible stance on housing that New Jerseyans can afford …  (more)