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  • August 26th 2014

    Trust Funds Released by State Will Provide Homes for Families, Seniors, People with Special Needs

    Posted by Adam Gordon

    Trust Funds Released by State Will Provide Homes for Families, Seniors, People with Special Needs - Council on Affordable Housing Votes Today Start Process of Finding Municipalities Can Spend Housing Trust Funds

    Trenton, NJ – In a meeting held this morning, the Council on Affordable Housing (COAH) released housing trust funds held by 13 municipalities totaling $14 million: Cherry Hill, Manasquan, Long Hill, Tinton Falls, Gloucester City, Florence, Randolph, North Caldwell, Summit, Lawrence, Mendham, South Brunswick, and Clifton. The release of the funds will support the construction and rehabilitation of homes throughout the state and begin a process that FSHC anticipates will result in a substantial majority of over $160 million once at risk being approved for use by municipalities and non-profit organizations. (more)

  • August 5th 2014

    FSHC Sends COAH Comments on Proposed Rules

    Posted by Adam Gordon

    Our comments to the Council on Affordable Housing on the proposed rules are available here. (more)

  • July 25th 2014

    Judge Orders Christie Administration to Disclose Contract on Housing Rules

    Posted by Adam Gordon

    Sets Deadline of 4 PM Today; Finds that Other Key Document Appears to Have Been Destroyed; Fair Share Offers $1000 Reward for Missing Document Updated at 4:40 p.m.

    In a ruling late Thursday, the Hon. Mary C. Jacobson ordered the Christie Administration to make public its contract with Rutgers University professor Dr. Robert Burchell for creating the state’s new fair housing rules. Judge Jacobson also found that a critical document showing how municipal housing obligations were recalculated in a way that reduces those obligations by over 8,000 homes had existed at one time, but had been destroyed. Judge Jacobson issued an order directing one final search of Rutgers University email accounts for the document. (more)

  • July 24th 2014

    Christie Administration Illegally Attempts to Reduce Housing Obligations in Certain Towns

    Posted by Adam Gordon

    Mysterious “Buildable Limit” Survey Claims Properties from Union, Somerset, and Monmouth County are Actually Located in Ocean County; Court Hearing on Administration’s Refusal to Release Contract for Survey at 2:00 Today

    The Christie Administration claims that a survey called the “buildable limit analysis,” a key part of its proposed new fair housing rules, analyzes housing obligations “much more precisely and accurately than previous calculations.” New information that the Christie Administration had previously not made public shows that that assertion is simply false. In fact, the study at the heart of the Administration’s controversial proposed Council on Affordable Housing (COAH) rules is rotten to the core: filled with manipulations of data, obviously false assumptions, and preposterous ideas. For example: (more)

  • July 15th 2014

    Legal Filings Show Key Computer Files Missing or Destroyed on Christie Administration’s New Rules

    Posted by Adam Gordon

    Documents that Explain Numbers “Could Not Be Located”; Fair Share Housing Center Files Additional Lawsuit Over Redacted and Missing Documents

    The Christie Administration and Rutgers University claimed in filings with the New Jersey Superior Court late yesterday that key documents explaining how each municipality’s fair housing obligations are calculated “could not be located.” As such, according to the Christie Administration, there is simply no way to explain why some municipalities, in a seemingly random pattern, are now being asked to provide fewer homes affordable to lower-income families and other municipalities are being asked to provide more. The legal filings admit that documents existed that explained these numbers, but assert those documents have now been destroyed or lost. (more)