Fair Share Housing Center


  • October 31st 2014

    Fair Share Housing Center asks Supreme Court to End Christie Administration’s Delays of Fair Housing

    Posted by Kevin Walsh

    Today, Fair Share Housing Center (FSHC) filed a Motion to Enforce Litigants’ Rights at the New Jersey Supreme Court in response to the Council on Affordable Housing (COAH)’s failure earlier this month to adopt new rules to implement the New Jersey Fair Housing Act. The motion asks the Court to find that because the Christie Administration has failed to follow the Court’s orders, trial courts rather than COAH will be responsible for implementing the Fair Housing Act. (more)

  • October 20th 2014

    COAH Board Rejects Rule Proposal

    Posted by Adam Gordon

    COAH Board Rejects Rule Proposal Agrees with Over 3,000 Commenters that New Fair Housing Rules Deeply Flawed, Need Reworking

    In a deadlocked 3-3 vote this morning, the Council on Affordable Housing (COAH) Board rejected the Christie Administration’s proposed fair housing rules. The rules, which drew over 3,000 public comments, the vast majority in opposition, relied on flawed data, some of which had apparently been lost by the Administration, and would have resulted in thousands of fewer homes for working families, low-income seniors, and people with special needs. (more)

  • September 11th 2014

    New Christie Proposal Would Exclude Working Families, Seniors, People With Special Needs

    Posted by Kevin Walsh

    Proposal Would Create a Divided State, Further Delay Sandy Recovery

    Governor Christie yesterday in the guise of conditionally vetoing legislation that would have suspended the non-residential developer fee, proposed to eviscerate New Jersey’s fair housing laws, effectively eliminating any requirement for every municipality to allow its fair share of homes that working families, seniors, and people with special needs can afford. The proposal replaces New Jersey’s fair housing law with a token requirement that every new residential development pay a fee of $1,000 per home, to be used to undertake minor repairs such as repairing roofs on existing homes. There is no requirement in the bill to provide a single additional home anywhere in the state - ever. (more)

  • September 4th 2014

    Settlment Helps Make Recovery Programs, Including the New Lead Hazard Reduction Program, Available

    Posted by Adam Gordon

    Voluntary Conciliation Agreement Helps Make Recovery Programs, Including the New Lead Hazard Reduction Program, Available Fairly to All Eligible Residents

    In announcing the availability of funding for the Lead Hazard Reduction Program in Sandy affected homes and apartments, the State put organizations applying for future recovery funding contracts on notice that local governments, contractors and subcontractors are required to comply with the VCA. (more)

  • August 28th 2014

    First Quarterly Settlement Compliance Report Posted by DCA

    Posted by Adam Gordon

    First Quarterly Settlement Compliance Report Posted by DCA Settlement Agreement Increases State Transparency in Spending of Sandy Recovery Funds

    As required by Section VIII of the settlement agreement of the Housing Discrimination Complaint filed by the Latino Action Network, the NJ Conference of the NAACP and Fair Share Housing Center (Voluntary Conciliation Agreement - See FSHC Blog posting of May 30, 2014) the NJ Department of Community Affairs has posted its first quarterly compliance report. (more)