Fair Share Housing Center


  • October 15th 2015

    Middlesex County decision addresses municipal cap issue

    Posted by Laura Denker

    Judge Douglas K. Wolfson issued a decision last week that interpreted existing law around the 1,000-unit municipal cap to the unique circumstances facing New Jersey today.  (more)

  • October 2nd 2015

    FSHC Maida Public Interest Fellow Receives Mary Philbrook Public Interest Award

    Posted by Laura Denker

    Congratulations to Josh Bauers, a recent graduate of Rutgers-Camden law school and a Maida Public Interest Post-Graduate Fellow who is helping us with the fight for fair housing in New Jersey, on his receipt of the Mary Philbrook Public Interest Award.  (more)

  • September 1st 2015

    Ruling by Judge Wolfson protects Monroe housing trust funds, sets process to build homes

    Posted by Laura Denker

    Ruling by Judge Wolfson protects Monroe housing trust funds, sets out future process for spending funds to build homes

    In a ruling that Fair Share Housing Center believes will become a statewide model, the Hon. Douglas K. Wolfson, Superior Court Judge in Middlesex County, rejected the Christie Administration’s latest attempt to seize municipal housing trust funds and has protected more than $10 million in Monroe Township’s housing trust fund for homes in the Township. (more)

  • July 28th 2015

    Appellate Court Upholds Hoboken Housing Ordinance: Ruling means at least 55 new affordable rentals

    Posted by Laura Denker

    Working families in Hoboken won a key victory in the fight to maintain affordable communities Tuesday, as a three-judge appellate panel upheld a local ordinance that requires four Hoboken developers to provide at least 55 new affordable rental housing units to area residents. (more)

  • July 24th 2015

    Another Court Rules Five Months Starts from Filing of DJ Complaint

    Posted by Kevin Walsh

    Two weeks ago, we shared a court decision involving Monroe Township, Middlesex County that addressed when municipalities are required to file fair share plans. In his July 9, 2015 decision Judge Douglas Wolfson held that the five-month period of protection from builder’s remedy litigation “commenc[es] with the filing of the complaint by Monroe Township,” which in that matter means the municipality must file a fair share plan by November 9, 2015. That decision implemented the Supreme Court’s clear instructions in its March 10, 2015 decision allowing municipalities five months from appearing in court, or a total of nine months from the March 10 decision, to prepare a fair share plan that complies with the law. (more)