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United Black Agenda

The United Black Agenda (UBA), a collective of advocacy groups across New Jersey that is convened by Fair Share Housing Center (FSHC), provides a shared space and collective voice to promote the health and welfare of Black New Jerseyans and address our state’s history of discrimination, marginalization, and subjugation of its Black residents.

Its member organizations—the NAACP New Jersey State Conference, New Jersey Institute for Social Justice, the Inclusion Project at Rutgers, the Association of Black Women Lawyers of New Jersey, the New Jersey Black Multi-Faith Alliance, Salvation and Social Justice, Monarch Housing, and Fair Share Housing Center—have used their shared power and organizing skills to contribute to numerous victories that benefit Black New Jerseyans on issues ranging from civil rights and criminal justice reform to housing, economic vitality, health, and environmental justice.

UBA Mission Statement: Acknowledging and proactively attacking the root causes of inequality, the United Black Agenda aggressively pursues legislation, policies, and programs to mitigate the ravages of white supremacy and affirm the tenets of democracy, freedom, and liberty.

UBA Vision Statement: All of New Jersey is better when Black communities enjoy full political participation and representation to ensure widespread economic security and opportunity. The United Black Agenda provides a shared space for organizations dedicated to promoting the welfare of Black New Jerseyans and addressing the state and nation’s history of discrimination, marginalization, and subjugation.