Fair Share Housing Center


  • December 16th 2020

    Fair Housing Bill Crucial Test of Whether Speaker Coughlin Stands For Racial Justice

    Posted by Anthony Campisi

    This week, the General Assembly is facing a crucial test over whether it can meet the promises Speaker Craig Coughlin and other leaders made in the wake of the summer’s Black Lives Matter protests to prioritize criminal justice reform and dismantle systemic racism. (more)

  • August 28th 2020

    Englewood Cliffs’ Mayor Tries to Fine Resident for Peacefully Protesting Housing Segregation

    Posted by Elorm Ocansey

    Fair Share Housing Center issued the following statement in response to the news reports about Englewood Cliffs’ attempt to fine residents for exercising their constitutional right to protest. (more)

  • July 23rd 2020

    The Potential Impact of COVID-19 Related Evictions in New Jersey - Stout Report

    Posted by Elorm Ocansey

    The economic fallout of COVID-19 has financially strained households throughout the country, including those in New Jersey. As is often the case, the most vulnerable populations are negatively impacted the most and face uncertain circumstances around necessities like housing, healthcare, and education. The following are key findings from Stout’s “Potential Impact of COVID-19 Related Evictions in New Jersey” report. (more)

  • April 23rd 2020

    Statement on Lambertville Fair Share Plan

    Posted by Anthony Campisi

    Given the significant attention to the plans for affordable housing in Lambertville, Fair Share Housing Center wishes to address how the current Fair Share Plan being considered by Lambertville evolved over the past five years and statements that have been made regarding Fair Share Housing Center’s positions on affordable housing in Lambertville. (more)

  • September 3rd 2019

    Court ruling rejects Englewood Cliffs policies that exclude lower-income residents

    Posted by Anthony Campisi

    A recent court ruling in Bergen County has rejected longstanding exclusionary policies put in place by Englewood Cliffs and paves the way for the construction of hundreds of new homes affordable to working families, seniors and people with disabilities. (more)