Fair Share Housing Center


  • February 19th 2010

    Appellate Division Enjoins EO on COAH

    Posted by Kevin Walsh

    On February 9, 2010, Gov. Christie issued an executive order that, in his own words, “shut down” the Council on Affordable Housing (COAH). That afternoon, we asked to proceed on an emergent basis to stay the executive order, a request that was granted two days later. This afternoon, ten days later, the Appellate Division issued an order that reopened COAH for business.  (more)

  • February 15th 2010

    FSHC Files With Court to Invalidate Executive Order 12

    Posted by Kevin Walsh

    Fair Share Housing Center today continued its challenge to Executive Order 12, Governor Christie’s illegal directive that halts all work by the Council on Affordable Housing (COAH) while a task force “studies” the issue. We have opposed this action because it will continue a decade-long pattern of delay that started in 1999, in which administration after administration has studied COAH with little to show. Just as the agency finally began operating last year and affordable housing has started getting built, Governor Christie has shut it down again.  (more)

  • February 9th 2010

    Gov. Christie’s Illegal Executive Order on COAH

    Posted by Kevin Walsh

    We learned just a few minutes ago that Gov. Christie has issued an executive order that halts all work by the Council on Affordable Housing (COAH) while yet another task force “studies” the issue – continuing a decade-long pattern of delay instead of building homes. This illegal move to “gut” our state’s housing policies was no doubt taken in response to recent demands from prominent right-wing pundits. We are taking immediate action with the Appellate Division today to address Gov. Christie’s unconstitutional attempt to claim the power of the Legislature, Judiciary, and independent state agencies all at once. (more)

  • February 8th 2010

    COAH “Reform” Bill Sponsors Not on Same Page; Bill’s Content Remains Murky at Second Hearing

    Posted by Adam Gordon

    At the close of over four hours of testimony over two hearings on S-1, in which opponents and skeptics greatly outnumbered supporters, one thing was clear: nobody really knows what the proposed legislation to radically redo New Jersey’s affordable housing system would actually do. In fact, the two main sponsors of the bill appear to have entirely opposite ideas. Sen. Ray Lesniak appears to think the bill would increase affordable housing production, and told a local Hudson County reporter that COAH’s record of 2,000 affordable homes a year was not enough. Sen. Kip Bateman told the Asbury Park Press on the same day that the bill would reduce affordable housing production below COAH levels.  (more)

  • January 29th 2010

    Any Reform Should Be Constitutional

    Posted by Kevin Walsh

    The Senate Economic Growth Committee has scheduled a hearing on Monday at 10:30 a.m. in Trenton to discuss changes to the Fair Housing Act. The effort appears to be principally driven by wealthier municipalities that do not want affordable housing. Totally lost in the conversation thus far, and in the proposed legislation, is the constitutional nature of the Mount Laurel doctrine. As an organization that defends the common sense constitutional principles underlying the doctrine, we want to share our view of what has been proposed. (more)