Fair Share Housing Center


  • January 29th 2010

    Any Reform Should Be Constitutional

    Posted by Kevin Walsh

    The Senate Economic Growth Committee has scheduled a hearing on Monday at 10:30 a.m. in Trenton to discuss changes to the Fair Housing Act. The effort appears to be principally driven by wealthier municipalities that do not want affordable housing. Totally lost in the conversation thus far, and in the proposed legislation, is the constitutional nature of the Mount Laurel doctrine. As an organization that defends the common sense constitutional principles underlying the doctrine, we want to share our view of what has been proposed. (more)

  • January 18th 2010

    NJ and The Beloved Community

    Posted by Kevin Walsh

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a vision of The Beloved Community. It consisted of a society of active acceptance and love between people of different racial and economic backgrounds. New Jersey has made small steps towards this vision through the implementation of the Mount Laurel doctrine. On this Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and on the eve of a new administration in New Jersey, Fair Share Housing Center’s Chair and Vice-Chair, Ronald B. Evans and Colandus “Kelly” Francis, reflect on Dr. King’s Beloved Community, the importance of the Mount Laurel doctrine and Governor-elect Chris Christie’s potentially devastating plans to “gut” the Council on Affordable Housing. (more)

  • December 23rd 2009

    Preparing for 2010

    Posted by Kevin Walsh

    We write to share our thoughts about 2009; to urge you to go to our new website; and to ask for your support so we can continue our work in 2010.

    As 2009 draws to a close, we look back on a year of successful advocacy that you supported on behalf of New Jersey’s lower-income households. But as we look forward to 2010, we have to prepare for continued efforts by many of New Jersey’s wealthiest towns, and perhaps the Governor-elect, to exclude lower-income families.  (more)

  • November 16th 2009

    An historic time for the Mount Laurel Doctrine

    Posted by Kevin Walsh

    This is my inaugural blog posting, which comes at an important time in the history of the Mount Laurel doctrine. On December 1, 2009, the Appellate Division will hear oral argument on the 30 appeals of the Third Round housing regulations filed by municipalities, builders, and Fair Share Housing Center. The panel of three judges will decide whether the Council on Affordable Housing’s regulations satisfy the requirements of the Mount Laurel doctrine and whether municipal claims of being unfairly treated are legitimate. (more)