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  • May 20th 2010

    Latest Version of Lesniak Bill will Produce Zero New Homes (PDF)

    Latest Version of Lesniak Bill will Produce Zero New Homes

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  • May 13th 2010

    Gov. Christie Proposes New Red Tape for Homes in NJ (PDF)

    Gov. Christie today announced his double standard for red tape. The Governor proposed a new policy that would allow towns to stop a wide range of new homes from being built, including redevelopment near mass transit, starter homes, and homes for people with special needs. The Governor’s proposed approach mirrors a proposed regulation by Gov. McGreevey that the courts struck down in 2007 because it allowed for more restrictive zoning regulations than permitted by the State Constitution.

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  • March 29th 2010

    Christie Task Force Recommends Stale McGreevey Era Policies (PDF)

    The Christie Administration’s housing task force report, quietly released today, suggests a return the “growth share” approach the McGreevey Administration originally introduced in 2004, which encourages sprawl and places homes far from jobs and transit. The McGreevey Administration’s action spawned a three year litigation battle with builders, environmental groups, and housing advocates all opposing the policies, resulting in the Appellate Division invalidating the policy in 2007.

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  • March 19th 2010

    Gov. Christie Rescinds Executive Order 12, Recognizes His Abuse of Power (PDF)

    Gov. Christie has, at the last minute, rescinded Executive Order 12 in an attempt to avoid a court determination that his actions to shut down the Council on Affordable Housing violated the New Jersey Constitution’s separation of powers doctrine.

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  • March 12th 2010

    New Analysis of RCAs Shows Homes Not Built; Over $50 Million Unspent (PDF)

    A new analysis by Fair Share Housing Center (FSHC) of publicly available data on prior Regional Contribution Agreements (RCAs), the controversial and now illegal way for wealthier towns to get out of providing a range of housing choices by paying money to cities, shows that one-quarter of RCA funds transferred when the practice was legal were never spent to produce homes.

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  • February 19th 2010


    The Appellate Division of the New Jersey Superior Court today issued an order enjoining Gov. Chris Christie’s February 9 Executive Order that had placed an indefinite hold on the state’s housing policies. The order, in response to papers filed by Fair Share Housing Center (FSHC) on Monday, requires the Council on Affordable Housing (COAH) to go forward with plans to build 45,000 new homes and create hundreds of thousands of jobs statewide.

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  • February 9th 2010


    Feb. 9, 2010 - Trenton, New Jersey- Fair Share Housing Center has filed a request with the Appellate Division of the New Jersey Superior Court to schedule a hearing on Governor Christie’s executive order placing an indefinite hold on the state’s housing policies. It noted that the executive order puts 45,000 new homes and hundreds of thousands of jobs at risk. Christie’s action mimics an early initiative by the McGreevey Administration which became an embarrassing failure and was struck down by the courts.

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  • February 1st 2010

    Housing Reform Proposal Criticized by Builders, Local Officials and Civil Rights Leaders (PDF)

    Feb, 1, 2010 - Trenton, New Jersey- An unlikely set of allies including builders, civil rights leaders, and local government officials called for legislative leaders and Gov. Christie to promote new homes affordable to people at all income levels near New Jersey’s job centers. The group noted that the proposal in the State Senate, S-1, does not promote homes close to jobs or transportation, nor does it address costly local government regulations that stop the development of new homes. The group also opposed the proposed return to Regional Contribution Agreements, a discredited system of promoting segregation outlawed by the Legislature in 2008.

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  • October 20th 2008

    Highlands and Fort Monmouth master plans challenged (PDF)

    Today, Fair Share Housing Center (FSHC) filed two appeals contending that the state agencies responsible for adopting master plans for the Highlands Region and Fort Monmouth have adopted invalid, unconstitutional plans that do not provide sufficient opportunities for affordable housing.

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  • August 25th 2008

    New report shows towns suing COAH have lower housing obligations (PDF)

    Today, affordable housing advocates from throughout the state announced the release of a new report entitled Chicken Little: Wealthy New Jersey Towns Fight Affordable Housing. The report, which was prepared by Fair Share Housing Center, reveals that many of New Jersey’s wealthiest and least diverse municipalities are the primary ones resisting recently released affordable housing obligations.

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