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  • September 20th 2022

    Hurricane Ida Acton Plan Comments (PDF)

    Fair Share Housing Center, Ironbound Community Corporation, NJ Working Families, NJ Organizing Project and South Ward Environmental Alliance submitted these comments to the Department of Community Affairs on their Hurricane Ida CDBG-DR Action Plan.

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  • March 15th 2022

    ARP Funds Provide a Unique Opportunity for NJ to Make a Historic Investment in Affordable Housing (PDF)

    Now is the time to think big about addressing New Jersey’s affordability crisis. American Rescue Plan (ARP) funding provides a potentially once in a lifetime opportunity to be strategic about how we leverage federal and state dollars to create meaningful and transformational change to address housing inequities and affordability in our state. New Jersey should follow the lead of states like California and New York, who have committed to making historic investments in housing, and use ARP dollars to purposefully address systemic racism, segregated housing markets, and historic disinvestment in communities of color.

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  • February 28th 2022


    New Jersey is facing an affordability crisis that impacts all New Jerseyans, but especially communities of color. As sale and rental prices climb, access to affordable homes—especially for our most vulnerable residents—is at risk. At the same time, we are still digging out of a deep shortage of affordable homes that has only exacerbated racial disparities in New Jersey, especially in access to housing and home ownership for communities of color. Coupled with recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and rapid population growth in certain parts of the state, the time is now to strategically advance policy solutions that not only increase New Jersey’s affordability, but also purposely dismantle systemic racism, segregated housing markets, and historic disinvestment in communities of color. These policy recommendations call on Governor Murphy and the New Jersey Legislature to leverage new and existing funding streams to make a strategic investment in the development and preservation of affordable homes, reduce and eliminate access barriers to affordable housing that disproportionately impact people of color, and address decades of historic racial and economic disparities that disrupts the creation of healthy and thriving communities of color in our state.

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  • August 25th 2008

    Chicken Little: Wealthy New Jersey Towns Fight Affordable Housing (PDF)

    This report analyzes the 34 towns that have challenged the Council on Affordable Housing’s Third Round regulations as requiring too much affordable housing. Those towns’ mayors, like Chicken Little, claim that the sky is falling when in fact nothing is wrong. The report assures the towns that the sky is not falling and calls for affordable housing to be provided for, among others, the public workers employed in the municipalities, a majority of whom would qualify for affordable housing. The report also notes that the exaggerated claims of the wealthy towns exclude lower-income families, including many people of color, from their towns.

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