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We will keep your information confidential to the full extent permitted by law unless you permit us to share it. If you are OK with us sharing your story (with or without your name), please let us know. If are are OK with us sharing your story with the media, or may be willing to do so yourself, please let us know. If it is unclear, or if you have not specifically agreed to allow us to use the information you provide to us, we will check with you before doing so.

Although we will confirm receipt of the information you provide, it is unlikely we will be able to directly assist you. We will though use the information you provide in an effort to make the recovery funding process more fair and transparent. We will use your information to ask questions of and get information from state agencies involved, and, as much as possible, we will share the answers we receive and any other resources on our website. We do not intend to create an attorney-client relationship in requesting information. If you need legal representation, you should consult an attorney by calling your local bar association, or the Volunteer Lawyers for Justice Sandy disaster hotline at (855) 301-2525 or visit http://www.vljnj.org/.

Please use this form if you would like to submit a comment anonymously or to address an issue that does not involve an application filed by you for disaster relief funding.

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